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ZYRO announces the launch Of BBS Subscription

Noida (Delhi NCR) [India] Date: ZYRO proudly announces that we are Launching the Zyro-Book for small retailers, SMEs, and all kinds of businesses. “Lots Of Features Don’t Make A Product Great. It Depends on How All Products are Comfortably Perform Together” is the philosophy ZYRO follows. The company identifies the industry’s pain points and has worked hard to create a unique billing software. All users will have free access to GST & billing software via the PC and Android applications.

“We are thrilled that all business owners understand the importance of our product,” said Vikash Kumar, CEO of Zyro. “ZYRO – Book is an extremely user-friendly, free, and comprehensive GST & Billing solution.

Zyro Book is a cloud-based GST & Billing software. The user-friendly product simplifies the complex accounting functions for small business owners. The compiled integrations offer a lot of utility, accounting, and features. I have listed some of the unique features provided by Zyro Book accounting software for businesses that focus on results: Connecting Banking, Tax Payment, Payment Gateway, Smart Collect, POS, QR & SoftPOS, Payment Links, GST Invoicing/Billing, Inventory Management, Accounting Software, Online Store/ QR, ONDC Seller App, Delivery The software’s unique integration has helped our business and is now vital to our company’s development and success.

The startup is chasing the mission of digitization to contribute to building a Self Dependent Bharat by solving the most pressing problems of the Indian SMB sector. Zyro is launching its flagship product, Zyro Book, on 6/30/2022, and we hope it will become one of the best GST & Billing Solution  Ever on the Google Play Store.

About Zyro

Zyro is a new-age fintech company in India that provides an all-in-one comprehensive expense solution. Zyro wants to deliver a seamless business financial experience that helps better financial control and reporting. Zyro is a platform that saves time and money and has been designed to serve every business type efficiently.

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