Made For All Online Purchases

Create virtual cards for safe online transactions. Confide on your workers' ability to pay online without jeopardizing management.

You can protect your business from internal and external fraud and abuse with single-use cards.

It is instantly used by all teams and personnel, with no further training necessary.

Employees and supervisors may devote their attention to key responsibilities rather than administrative duties.

The spending dashboard displays both online and offline transactions in real-time.

Request single-use virtual cards to eliminate internal and external fraud threats for online purchases.

Use digital cards to pay for online transactions in a matter of minutes.

Manage recurring virtual cards for online subscriptions and services that may be suspended or altered at any time.

To keep track of spending, see all transactions and receipts in real-time from a single payment dashboard.

Velocity Limit Controls

  • Set a limit on how many times a card can be used.
  • The maximum amount that can be spent in a single transaction.
  • Restriction on the vendors with whom a virtual card could be used.

Create Cards for Specific Use

Daily, monthly, and annual use limits can be customized.

Activate/Deactivate Card for ATM, Point-of-Sale, or Online Use.

Restriction of Use by Merchant and Category of Use.

Save Money On Foreign Currency Transactions.

Customize The Limits To Your Specific Needs.

Admin Dashboard Allows for Real-Time Changes.

Pay For Everything In The Business with Virtual Account payment providers

You can buy things for your business from online marketplaces.

In the cloud, you pay your bills. Pay your bills for AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

You can save money when you pay for your (client's) digital marketing campaigns.

On the Zyro network, you can pay your suppliers, the tax, and your utility bills.