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Benefits Of Using Zyro Expense Cards

bill payment

Create your card user case yourself


Complete transaction visibility and control


One step ahead expense management on all digital basis

money transfer

Meaningful rewards on every spend


100% digital on boarding - no paperwork


Credit and Debit Your Funds In a Single Click

corporate card zyro

Gift Card

Corporate Gift Cards Are Designed To Assist You In Providing Handy Gifts For Your Employees (Festivals, Birthdays, Commissions, And Rewards). Select Exclusive Categories/Merchants For Your Card To Give Your Employee A Genuinely Unique Presentation. No Complications are associated with Choosing, Procuring, And Maintaining Different Giving Choices.

Meal Cards

With this simple, easy-to-use card, distribute tax-free meal amounts to employees. Meal Card can use at any food and beverage merchant outlet, including restaurants, sweet stores, and so forth.

corporate card zyro
corporate card zyro

Fuel Cards

Take control of the fuel budget without having to supervise the suppliers. You can quickly get transaction data, create reimbursement procedures, and audit transactions.

T&E Cards

Expense reporting for corporate travel is no more complex. Set restrictions on costs such as meals, housing, and local transportation to get total control and visibility. Includes a cutting-edge expenditure reporting tool backed up by an integrated approval matrix.

corporate card zyro
corporate card zyro

Payroll Cards

Pay Wages, Bonuses, Incentives, And Other Compensations Using Reloadable PAYROLL Debit Cards. It Is Completely Safe And Secure And Provides Workers With Quick Access To Their Income Anywhere, At Any Time, And Without The Need For A Bank Account. Without Having To Worry About Keeping A Minimum Balance.

Medical Card

Medical card or visit to a general practitioner card. This covers families, singles, and individuals who work full- or part-time. 'Ordinarily resident' signifies that you currently reside in this area and expect to remain.

corporate card zyro
corporate card zyro corporate card zyro


corporate card zyro corporate card zyro


corporate card zyro corporate card zyro

High Quality Businesses


A business expense is an amount you pay for items, services or teams that run your business. This includes managing your purchase on the internet, offline subscriptions or managing the team's spending to run your business.

Each business is a victim of many expenses. Identifying, tracking, and directing those expenses can be challenging if you are a business owner or manager. Management of costs is precisely what it says. It assists you in tracking the progress of the expenses you incur without exceeding your budget. It helps you reduce expenses and eliminate unnecessary spending.

Consider managing the Expenses of a team of employees working on the business. Most people utilise personal cash, debit cards, and business cards to manage their business finances. Sometimes, it's difficult to trace the expenditures, let alone be able to manage them efficiently.

It's not the solution to today's fast-paced business challenges. Thus, companies use a mix of programs, reimbursement methods or reminders, and applications to monitor expenditure. However, managing expenses in this manner can be a challenge.

If they do, you'll have to keep FDs and minimum amounts (which isn't a small amount) before getting a debit card. Therefore, entrepreneurs and small businesses utilise personal debit cards from employers to pay for subscriptions, manage international payments, and conduct business. Then, it causes many issues when filing taxes, handling compliances, and even keeping track of expenses.

Zyro Expense Cards help you manage your everyday expenses. If your team is subject to day-to-day Expenses like meals, travel, utility fuel, tolls, and parking but fails to track, report and track it correctly, You need Zyro expenses cards. You could even remove the cumbersome reimbursement process from your system with these cards.

It's a straightforward procedure. It can be completed in under two minutes!
Join Zyro Complete E-KYC by signing in with PAN and Aadharand requesting Zyro-Expense Cards. Select the number of cards you need for your team. Type into the address for shipping, then apply.