Healthy Living with Food Suppliments(English 2013)

Healthy Living with Food Suppliments(English 2013)

Healthy Living with Food Suppliments(English 2013)
Healthy Living with Food Suppliments(English 2013)
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Good Health has always been a challenge to mankind. The mankind has always been chasing the diseases. But, it is amply clear that one can enjoy life provided health permits. Otherwise the life appears to be a burden and the love for life converts to hatred.

Everyone is aware that, “Prevention Is Better than Cure“. Most of us apply the preventive methods either inherited from our grandparents & elders or as suggested by our relatives, friends & neighbours. Basically, the preventive methods adopted by us are based on the past experience and hearsay. But, the time and environment has changed manifolds. Today, the ingredients used for preventive health support are highly adulterated and therefore have become ineffective as well as harmful in the preventive role. Logically we need to change the ingredients for preventive health support.

The book “Healthy Living with Food Supplements” supports you in understanding the concept of “Healthy Living” and the role of “Organic Food Supplements” as preventive health support tool. The book also gives a brief understanding of the role, functions and needs of the body with regard to the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins.  Above all, the book elaborates the symptoms, causes and suggested organic food supplements which can provide relief in almost 140 different ailments. It’s a power pact guide to Good Health.

The book is a must for every household. Grab the opportunity and order your personal copy now, to protect your family and support your relatives, friends & neighbours with the right kind of preventive and supportive information.

The 356 page multicolor book with self explanatory diagrams and photographs in an imported glossy paper is competitively priced at Rs.350/- plus Rs.100/- per transaction towards courier/postal, handling and outstation bank deposit charges.


The human body is made of trillions of cells and the basic ingredients which comprise a cell are – air, water, soil, fire and sky. Obviously, the most effective tool to repair the cell will have to be either of them or a produce which is a combination of these. Therefore, the products of natural origin can only provide relief in the chronic degenerative diseases.

The modern medicine system, which evolved to rescue the mankind from the terror of the devastating infectious diseases, has accomplished its mission. Leave alone the diseases; it has even wiped off the names of those diseases from the globe. But, again we have reached a point of no return, because none of the prevalent medicine systems and other health related theories is in a position to provide cure in so called lifestyle incurable diseases. Thus, don’t you feel that there is a need to evolve something different, which can provide relief and prevent the diseases which are incurable today?

The main factors which are responsible for the present day incurable diseases are change in lifestyle, highly polluted environment, use & dependence on antibiotics and nutritional deficiency. The combination of these factors has led to cell degeneration of our bodies. The cell degeneration over a period of time becomes chronic and emerges in the form of an incurable disease. Individually nothing much can be done to contain pollution. But, by changing the lifestyle a bit and taking nutritional supplements we can strengthen our cells in a manner that cell degeneration does not occur. In case cell degeneration has already emerged in the form of incurable disease, then one will have to take additional ingredients to stop the ongoing process of degeneration and commence cell regeneration. This procedure may take considerable time but the remedy will be of permanent nature and long lasting. Therefore, the patient must have patience, in case he/she desires, to lead a normal life again.

The food supplements recommended in this book are produced from the extracts of most useful & charismatic herbs/plants, grown in 100% organic and natural environment. Therefore, when you take these food supplements you can feel safe and be assured that you are getting the, “Best of Nature and the Best of Science”.

Our body is the largest mobile chemistry lab in the world, where every thought and action is either the result of a chemical reaction or results in a chemical reaction. We all know that oxygen is very essential for life but do you know that it is equally dangerous too. To remain healthy and to know the activities happening inside your body, read this book. It will prove to be an eye opener.

I have tried to resolve the myth of a common man, in regard to the uses of food supplements in Section-I of this book. I am hopeful, that the readers will be able to find answers to their questions. But one question which has been asked quite frequently by most of the people, before turning the pages is, “Are You a Doctor?” My answer to them has been,” Thank God I am not a Doctor”, because less than 6% doctors graduating learn about nutritional medicine. This necessitated the inclusion of a page.

I know that the above question is the result of our firm belief, which is embedded deep in our minds, that doctors are the only engineers for our body. This is so, because the knowledge of the human body is considered restricted to only doctors. I am not denying that doctors might posses more knowledge about the anatomy of the human body, associated systems & their functioning vis-à-vis the medicines which they prescribe to patients, because that is not my field.

I have simply explained the relationship of the human body with nature and suggested the use of food supplements. I am sure, every one is fully aware, that food supplements are not medicines. Had these been considered medicines, every one would have needed the prescription of a doctor to purchase Bournvita, Horlicks, Nutramul and other variety of food supplements available in the market. The food supplements recommended in this book are the best of nature and best of science because the constituents are the extracts of plants/herbs grown in 100% organic and natural environment.

Above all, I would like to ask a simple question to every one. Do you seek the advice of a doctor for taking meals? Some of you may find this question absurd, as no doctors are ever consulted for taking meals. We also assume that what-so-ever we eat is the best and it fully supports the nutritional requirement of the body. But it is not so, because of the highly processed food we eat and the increased pollution in food, air & water.  The time has come, when we need the advice of experts in what we eat. I have acquired the knowledge and expertise to advice on usage of food supplements. I have done my bit and leave it to you to choose the best for yourself. In case of any further clarification/guidance feel free to write to me.

No money or valuables can ever be equated to the human body.

Kamayani Naresh




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